Air Con Cleaning

Why Have Air Conditioners Cleaned Professionally?

Living in the north our air-conditioners are forced to work overtime. To keep your systems running efficiently and increase equipment life, we recommend regular professional cleaning of the evaporators and coils. Dirt, grease, dust, corrosion, smoke, bacteria and other micro-organisms can build up in the unit causing sluggish performance or introducing health risks. We take the hassle out of cleaning air conditioners to improve performance and safe environment.   

What Equipment Do We Use? 

We have recently purchased the CoilJet® CJ-125 Coil Cleaner System which provides us with a compact and portable solution for easy cleaning of air conditioning split systems.

What Does It Cost?

One Unit Professionally Cleaned - $120/unit
Two Units Cleaned on Same Day - $99/unit
Three + Units Cleaned on Same Day - $85/unit

How Often Should I Get My Air Conditioning Cleaned?

Service times will vary between locations, amount of use and other variables, but we recommend regular scheduled maintenance. Talk to us about your requirements or personalised maintenance schedule.