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A fresh & clean design
A fresh & clean design
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  • Cairns Medical Centre CleaningMedical Centre Cleaning
  • Cairns Window CleaningWindow Cleaning
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Cairns Commercial Cleaning

We service and clean all ranges of commercial premises from offices, government buildings, cinemas, shops, indutsrial sheds and warehouses and have the right tools to handle the big jobs. We are the Cairns contract cleaning specilaist and ensure peace of mind with our fully-trained and insured team to ensure a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Having your cleaning done professionally is a great way to save time and money so that you and your staff can concentrate on more important things...Read More

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Cairns Domestic Cleaning

We offer a wide range of cleaning services both internally and externally that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. We can enhance the external of your property by pressure cleaning the paths and driveways, cleaning fences, washing your house from top to bottom including the roof, mould removal, gutter cleaning, patios, garages and carports.

If you need to get your property on the market, every dollar spent on presentation will increase the value of your investment...Read More

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Cairns Carpet Cleaning

Cairns Carpet Cleaning

Colin’s Carpet & Floor Care is owned and managed by Abelia Cleaning and provides are number of products and services with extensive experience in Commercial, Industrial and Domestic cleaning.

We have truck mounted and portable equipment, which gives us a great deal of flexibility in regards to accessing all sites. With multiple machines and operators we can do small, medium and large jobs with short notice and a fast turnaround time...Read More

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Cairns Medical Centre Cleaning

Abelia Cleaning offers a full range of medical cleaning services within clinical and surgical areas. We focus on responsible cleaning procedures and accountability of services. We clean theatres, clinical areas, medical suites, administration areas, kitchens, carparks and plant rooms...Read More

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Cairns Window Cleaning

Cairns Window Cleaning

Do you want your windows to sparkle inside and out? Our window cleaning technicians have the expert knowledge that is required to get the best possible results. With so many different kinds of specialist glass on the market with specific cleaning requirements we need to keep up with the latest techniques and equipment... Read More

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Cairns Pressure Cleaning

Cairns Pressure Cleaning

With over 20 years of cleaning all imaginable surfaces, we can provide efficient, effective solutions to a multitude of soiled or contaminated surfaces. Abelia cleaning has a range of specialist hot and cold water equipment that can tackle the small easy jobs as well as the big commercial jobs.

We have successfully cleaned all the main buildings at the James Cook University Campus, large unit complexes, high-rise buildings, car parks and roofs... Read More

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Cairns Builders Cleans

Cairns Builders Cleans

It doesn’t matter how well a building has been designed or constructed if the client looks at the finished product and is not happy because it has not been cleaned properly. We don’t just do the basics, we detail your project so that it reflects all the hard work that has gone into it.

Our technicians are fully trained in completing works to a very high standard and understand what is required to clean a multitude of different surfaces...More

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Cairns Air Con Cleaning

Cairns Builders Cleans

Help your air conditioning to run more efficiently and ask us about our professional air conditioning cleaning service.

Regularly cleaning your split system air conditioning will result in improved air flow, reduced energy costs and cleaner air...More

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Cairns Chemical Free Cleaning

Cairns Builders Cleans

At Abelia we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our footprint and we invest in the latest detergent-free cleaning methods and equipment to help the environment.

Eco-friendly does not mean compromise either. With our latest de-ionizing cleaning equipment we can often clean better, faster and safer. Read on for details...More

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